Saturday, September 03, 2011

BIG fish & small fries (jev)©

Let me preface this with saying that I have no problem with either the State of Emergency or curfew,
as neither of them affect me really. I work my usual work hours and I’m at home during the “ lock down” hours.

Now here’s where I’ll contradict myself by saying that the only problems that I’m having with all of this is the manner in which it’s being dealt with.

(1) The Attorney General is a moron. He in his wisdom, at every turn, thinks he has to clarify his clarification of a clarification of someone else or himself.

(2) The notion that the only people that the “lock down” is affecting is the criminals [insert laugh here]
I guess that there are more criminals than there are law abiding citizens (looking at you here Minister of Justice).

(3) Millions, Thousands & Hundreds of dollars ARE being lost due the “lock down”. Everybody is going to lose directly or indirectly.

(4) Hotspot & Big Fish *sigh* The two key words being used and over used for about a week now with no end in sight.
One I love and the other, not so much. People get robbed and shot all over the place so to me there’s no "hotspot".
As for the Big Fish... I love it, it gave me the inspiration for the artwork. In fact, I’ll be using that term often, over using it actually.
So... for something that started out as a joke between me and a co-worker turned into artwork and a rant.
*Steps off soapbox*